Resides:  Cincinnati, OH

Raised in:  Southern California and North Carolina

Family:  Wife Angel and 5 children (Cameron, Sydney, Griffin, Chandler and Rocco).  Angel and Jason were married in 2000 and still going strong!

High School:  Mooresville Senior High, Mooresville NC

College:  Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.  Graduated in 2002 with a BS in Religion with a focus in Youth Ministry.  Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling.

Likes:  Philadelphia Eagles, Golf, Racing, Writing, Teaching and Public Speaking, Music!

Experience:  Almost 20 years of personal counseling/coaching experience through Pastoral work as well as Youth Ministry.


Jason's journey into the world of counseling and life coaching is the result of 20+ years of struggle.  After being introduced to pornography at age 12, he wrestled with the damaging effects for many years, with most people never having a clue what was happening in his private life.  Having been raised in a Christian home and going to church most Sundays, he felt like he could never "come clean" for fear of what people would think, because being a Christian means you must be perfect, right?  

The constant fear of shame led to this addiction taking a deeper and deeper root when internet pornography became readily available.  Going through Bible School didn't help, because this seemed to be a struggle that nobody talked about, and most people appeared to not struggle with.  Accepting the lie that he was alone in his battle, he decided to "press on", hoping that somehow God would take the struggle and the pain away.  Yes, God ultimately provided the path to freedom, but Jason didn't know how to walk the path.  He viewed God as someone possessing a magic wand to take away the pain, but didn't understand why it wasn't being used on him!  "Just believe!", people said.  "Have faith!", people said.  Jason had all of that and even spoke out against pornography........but the struggle still remained.

Through many years of serving in youth ministry and pastoral work, the failure to overcome this addiction led to poor performance at work and an entitled and bitter attitude.  All of these symptoms were simply the result of a pain that was never dealt with, even though Jason had managed to "stay away from porn".  The porn was gone, but the pain remained.    It wasn't until a good friend confronted Jason in a loving way and simply said "I think you are wounded", that changed the course of his life for good.  Jason finally entered into a relationship with a life coach who helped him see that there was more to the pain than just a struggle with lust.  Finding the root of the problem, he was finally able to begin a pathway of healing and freedom.

Your story may sound familiar, and you may still be struggling to overcome.  Take hope!  There is freedom from addiction and pain from your past!  Jason's freedom has inspired him to create Restoring Minds Consulting and help others find their freedom as well!  Please click on "contact us" above if you would like to get help.  Any information you share with us will remain private.

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Jason Mahr