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Please note:  due to the sensitive nature of the road of recovery, identities remain confidential.


"I am a stay at home mom of five children . I attend a local college and am a nursing student . Seems like a lot on ones plate . I enrolled in college when I realized my marriage was in trouble and I knew I needed to secure a way to take care of my five children . My husband had a secret life. He was looking at porn and later had a full blown affair . I asked the Lord to guide me . My husband has since owned all mistakes and is truthful . It was a long road and years later we  are still rebuilding . Jason is there to help . He can help no matter what stage you are at. Just finding out, rebuilding , needing reassurance or if you are the one who is the addict. He can help!! Jason Mahr is spreading the word. He is blunt and telling about the dangers of porn. He is a mentor and a healing hand . We need to realize the damage that this is truly causing in our world . No one wants to talk about it. But with Jason putting it out there as he does it opens the lines of communication . He gives great advice on how to deal with this issue . I asked him how to offset an issue with my teenage son . We need to start talking about this and not hiding it. This problem is real ! I have referred one of my closest friends to him. She continuously tells me how blessed she is to have been able to talk to him. He makes personal time to help you . Thank you isn't enough Jason Mahr. Thank you for being brave enough to start the battle against this crippling issue . Thank you for listening, offering advice and never casting judgement ."

Timi - Harrisburg, PA

"Honestly, I can say that Jason helped. Very much so... I mean, I still mess up, and fall down sometimes. I make mistakes... but I keep going, I keep trying. I quit watching porn by getting rid of my laptop computer. I haven't watched porn for over a month. But I still occasionally fail to fight off my urges, and I end up doing things that I shouldn't. But, like I said, I keep going. Jason has indeed helped me get on the winning path of this war I'm having…..."

Anonymous - Layton, Utah

"For the longest time I felt as if I could just run from my troubles and keep them in a box. Even though I grew up a Christian in a Christian home I knew that it wouldn't last forever but somehow just kept doing it and eventually my lying got me in a huge hole. The things I've struggled with since I was 13 years old finally caught up to me. All the smoking pot and watching porn was the main topic of who I was. Blinded by what I was doing by still, going to church and reading my Bible I thought that would be good enough. But it wasn't. I met with Jason September 24, 2015. I can honestly say that since that day I made a commitment to change my life and live it the way I should have been all along; free of these things. To find out those things I had been addicted to were the least of my worries. I struggled with fear of rejection and need for approval. So I felt as always I had to fit in and make everyone around me happy. But inside I was feel less and less happy. About a month into my detox I lost my best friend (cousin). He was murdered two weeks after my twentieth birthday. We were 4 weeks apart and best friends since birth. And I had a tough decision to make was I going to let this set me back, I said no and I kept pushing forward and now I am able to use his death and the reason for it as a testimony to my own story. I just now reached my 100th day of my detox and I have never felt better in my life."

Sam - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Jason is a very kind, understanding man. We talked about our issues that we've had and parts of our situation were very similar. It's so refreshing having a person that you can relate to be there for you. He always responds in a timely manner and really made me feel comfortable talking to him. I've always wanted my story to go to a good home. I firmly believe he will put it to it's best use and help many more people in his journey!"

Kristi - Bangor, Maine

"Jason has been incredible help for me. I live several states away and too far to meet with him, yet he's given his time and patience into helping me through the distance. I've been amazed at his commitment and willingness to listen to me, offering to help both my boyfriend and me, in our healing from the damage porn has done to our relationship and also to us as individuals. I've looked for recourses for years now and since he came along I have never seen so much growth in myself. He was literally the answer to my prayers and the perspective that has been so much needed!"

Bailee - Brigham City, Utah

"I have been going through Avery difficult one in marriage for the past few years. I found out that my husband of 22 years has been having an affair. I also discovered that he has a serious addiction to pornography. I have a very dear friend that said I should contact Jason Mahr as he is very knowledgeable in the area of pornography and what it can do to you mentally and physically. I took her advice and contacted him. Jason had no idea who I was but responded immediately to my request for help. He helped me to understand that pornography can be very addicting. He helped me to put things into is not my fault and it is not because I am not good enough. This gentleman did not have to help me but he did. Listen to this gentleman's message. It will change your life."

​Pam - Savannah, Georgia